A Side Man 5000 Adventure Preview

First episode airs on Oct. 6th.

Episode 1 – The Side Man 5000 Lives!

Meet side man 5000, the world’s oldest drum machine.

Episode 3 – World’s Coolest Control Panel

Episode 4 – The Fanciest Tempo Wheel in the Universe

You might be asking yourself: ‘What the heck does Side Man 5000’s funny looking turning wheel thing do anyways?’ The answers – it does all sorts of wonderful switching and sequencing and it looks totally classy at the same time.

Episode 5 – Vacuum Tubes are for Everyone

Has a nerd ever tried to make you feel stupid by talking about Vacuum Tube technology as if it were some form of mystical witchcraft? Well, now you can go tell them to screw themselves because all it is is electrons shooting through a bottle.

A very important episode of A Side Man 5000 Adventure where the secret world of Vacuum Tubes is demystified with the help of a very special and very serious guest and a beautiful explosion.

If you are a fan of slow motion footage and burning – check out the video at 7mins45secs to watch us burn through the cathode of a classic EMAC Valve.

Episode 6 – Tone Generators & Fine Tuning

In this Episode, Darsha shares the secret for fine tuning Side Man. Hint: it involves jamming a screwdriver into a Tone Generator.

Episode 7 – How The Heck Does an Amplifier Work?

Side Man has a pretty gigantic amplifier that is fun to look at and pretty cool to learn from too.

Episode 8 – A Trashy Robot Explains Sound Synthesis

Special Guest Appearance in this Episode!!! Sound synthesis is such a complicated subject that we need the assistance of a TrAshY R0b0T to help us figure out what the hell is happening inside the Side Man that makes it generate real life instrument sounds. Get ready to meet Robie the stupid robot with a brain and experience some beautiful Waveforms that sparkle inside the one and only Side Man 5000.

Episode 9 – Speaker Destruction in the Name of FUN!

People’s Choice Side Man 5000 Adventure Episode!!
In this episode, we take an in-depth look into speakers and how they produce sound. We tear into it Nature documentary style to understand the truth about electromagnetically produced sound.

Episode 10 – A Side Man Christmas Special!!!

Don’t be sad!!! Yes – it is true, we have reached the final episode of ‘A Side Man 5000 Adventure’, but hey – it is also Christmas Time! Let’s go out with a bang!

In this episode, there are blinking lights, crappy costumes with fake beards, a Public Service Announcement about how to interact with Grumpy Technicians over the holidays but most importantly, we have a special Side Man Extravaganza cut by our favorite Guest Editor Nelly-Eve Rajotte!

Merry Christmas from Side Man 5000, Robie, The Multimeter and Darsha

Oh and, in case the dialogue is this episode seems familiar – please note that Darsha is totally riffing on Björk’s TV Set Tutorial Christmas Special because she already did it so well and she likes to look inside machines too – Thanks Björk! See her